Hard disk almost full, yet I've removed just about everything!!

  Florio 14:49 03 Nov 2011

About a year ago I bought a new laptop with Windows 7 as its OS, and I gave the old one, which has Vista Home Premium, to my 8-year-old son. I created a separate account for him so that I could exercise 'parental control', but removed just about everything from my account--documents, programmes etc.

My son just uses the computer for games, but as they have seemed to be running very slowly of late, I just did a check for viruses, malware, software conflicts and so on. What I have discovered is that the hard disk, which has a capacity of about 70.2Gb is virtually full (68.8 Gb utilised) and there is only 1.46 Gb of free space. This seems unbelievable seeing as the programmes and games installed amount to a mere 20.1 Gb, and there is very little else on the PC.

I've tried defragmenting and disc cleaning, but I cannot really remove much else since the remaining software is Acer and Microsoft system files or flash players etc, necessary for the functioning of the games my son uses. Surely this shouldn't be necessary anyway if the software only occupies around 20 Gb.

Any ideas as to why the disk is virtually choc-a-block, and how I can put things right??

  Les28 15:57 03 Nov 2011

Are you including the Vista operating system as part of this 20 GB? You don't remember how much free space remained after you had created the additional account for your son?

You've tried windows own Disk Clean, I don't suppose you will have been able to defrag, not enough free space for defrag to run.

Could suggest a few utilities to account for and perhaps make sense of what's on your hard drive, but they'd fill it up even more at the minute, things like WinDirStat or Jam Software Tree Size Free.

Have you tried running CCleaner in its default mode?

To free up some space quickly if you have system restore running, you can reduce the windows default size allocated for SR, which I think is 12% of free drive space up to 150GB, which in your case may be about 8GB reserved for SR, which could be reduced to about 2GB or less.

enter link description here

Also try reducing the default size allocated for the Recycle Bin

enter link description here

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