Grey/black flashing screen on start-up

  Jamsey1 19:17 10 Sep 2015

Hi. My computer has an issue where it produces a grey and black flashing screen after starting up, a few weeks after I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. It boots fine and I get the Windows logo before I get the flashes at the log-in screen. The computer doesn't respond at this point (even though the mouse pointer is visible) and I have to do a hard shutdown. However, if I reboot a couple of times the pc starts normally with no hint of a problem only to cause the same issue the next day.

I got the computer in January, so I don't know if this could be hardware related or just a bug with Windows 10. Specs:

Intel i5-4590, 3.30 GHz
128 GB SSD (Kingston)
500 GB HDD (Toshiba)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

Any suggestions?

  xania 10:43 11 Sep 2015

Almost certainly software related and I would suggest the graphics driver as the problem only occurs once Windows loads. Did you install the latest W10 version? Also check that all the graphics settings are OK in particular screen resolution (you will need to start Windows in safe mode first and set it to its lowest setting to get started).

  Jamsey1 17:36 14 Sep 2015

Thanks for the reply. I reinstalled the previous driver for my graphics card and it seems to have solved the problem.

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