Graphics Problem with W7 - BenQ G2420HD &

  Audio~~Chip 19:13 04 Jan 2010

PowerColor HD 4850 PCS+ Edition 512MB GDDR4 Dual DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card

This is a new build machine, from Sept 09. Thoose who remember me will know I had nightmare problems with the PSU and cutting out all the rooms wall sockets. Now I have replaced the PSU with new.

Finally after installing my Win7 Pro 64bit & all relevent latest drivers I found the Desktop screen pic not to fill out the whole size of the screen so after research I managed with thanks to Crossbow7 adjust the Scaling option top pan out the screen to fill it using the ATI CCC panel settings.

I then have found with use of the the screen a BenQ G2420HD that the screen will go totally black and maybe come back on and come up with HDMI detection as its on HDMI or it will just stay a black/blank screen even though the Monitors light is still green and powered on.

I have just changed over the screen with another Benq of the same model number also on HDMI as I have 2 machines back-2-back so far so good.

So my help required for this problem is what can I do to resolve my screen keep going ot a blank/black no display at all ? I do not get No Signal as the monitor is on just not picture, doesn't take long when its on my new build machine to go funny.

Appreciate any help please!

  tigertop2 16:42 05 Jan 2010

I know this sounds odd but have you checked the Benq's menu to make sure you are on the right digital settings? I have a 22" Benq and seem to remember a similar problem which I traced back to the screen settings being at odds with the GPU outputs

Of course a dodgy cable might do this . Have you tried with another HDMI cable?

  tigertop2 16:44 05 Jan 2010


is it OK using a VGA adapter?

  Audio~~Chip 22:02 05 Jan 2010

Its snow digging season where I live, not had much time to sit down on my machine.

I have gone through the Manual, Driver is installed and HDMI is set for cable fine.

I have 2 identical screen and a XP Pro 32 bit Machine with Nvidia card on HDMI & Win 7 Pro 64bit ATI on HDMI.

Strange if I swap the problem screen onto my older XP Pro machine and that screen to my newer Win 7 the screen both of them have no problem !

So I put them back and walla problem again. So I have reversed them again to see how they behave. I expect them to be fine.

Just doesn't make sense though why it doesn't like my Win 7 when the other identical screen bought about 5 days earlier has no problem.

unles it a intermitant problem (story of my life) with maybe cable ?

Thanks for calling and Happy New Year 2010 !

  tigertop2 09:51 06 Jan 2010

Greetings reciprocated! I am also fairly snow and ice bound. Unless it is a faulty cable which does not seem likely since the cable works with the XP machine it is likely to be on the Benq's Menu on Settings. Have you actually checked that? I emphasise that because the problem I had was actually on a Iiyama 24" screen As most of the screen software is fairly common to all monitors I just wonder if that is the root problem. Like you I had no problems when I used another screen. However if you are content t o use the systems as now set up and working that is OK

  Audio~~Chip 13:07 06 Jan 2010

I didn't change the HDMI cables round, it was just the screens swapped with the otherone. I am going to try it again tonight. May be slight movment in cable caused in or maybe a bad Monitor .inf profile driver install.

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