Graphics Problem with W7 - BenQ G2420HD &

  Audio~~Chip 19:13 04 Jan 2010

PowerColor HD 4850 PCS+ Edition 512MB GDDR4 Dual DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card

This is a new build machine, from Sept 09. Thoose who remember me will know I had nightmare problems with the PSU and cutting out all the rooms wall sockets. Now I have replaced the PSU with new.

Finally after installing my Win7 Pro 64bit & all relevent latest drivers I found the Desktop screen pic not to fill out the whole size of the screen so after research I managed with thanks to Crossbow7 adjust the Scaling option top pan out the screen to fill it using the ATI CCC panel settings.

I then have found with use of the the screen a BenQ G2420HD that the screen will go totally black and maybe come back on and come up with HDMI detection as its on HDMI or it will just stay a black/blank screen even though the Monitors light is still green and powered on.

I have just changed over the screen with another Benq of the same model number also on HDMI as I have 2 machines back-2-back so far so good.

So my help required for this problem is what can I do to resolve my screen keep going ot a blank/black no display at all ? I do not get No Signal as the monitor is on just not picture, doesn't take long when its on my new build machine to go funny.

Appreciate any help please!

  Audio~~Chip 22:02 05 Jan 2010

Its snow digging season where I live, not had much time to sit down on my machine.

I have gone through the Manual, Driver is installed and HDMI is set for cable fine.

I have 2 identical screen and a XP Pro 32 bit Machine with Nvidia card on HDMI & Win 7 Pro 64bit ATI on HDMI.

Strange if I swap the problem screen onto my older XP Pro machine and that screen to my newer Win 7 the screen both of them have no problem !

So I put them back and walla problem again. So I have reversed them again to see how they behave. I expect them to be fine.

Just doesn't make sense though why it doesn't like my Win 7 when the other identical screen bought about 5 days earlier has no problem.

unles it a intermitant problem (story of my life) with maybe cable ?

Thanks for calling and Happy New Year 2010 !

  Audio~~Chip 13:07 06 Jan 2010

I didn't change the HDMI cables round, it was just the screens swapped with the otherone. I am going to try it again tonight. May be slight movment in cable caused in or maybe a bad Monitor .inf profile driver install.

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