Graphics driver "catch 22" compatibility

  A_flea 18:02 11 Nov 2008

I have this combination:

XFX 8800 Ultra XXX
Vista 64
COD4 and Far Cry 2

The issue I am having is that both games find different drivers unstable...
I get an unexplained CTD on both games; COD4 on the current Nvidia Driver and Omega driver, Far cry 2 on the previous Nvidia driver...
In order to swap between games I have to change drivers over which is a massive pain in the arse...

Does anyone have a similar experience, or can recommend a more stable driver for my card? An older Nvidia or a reputable third party driver would be great!

  I am Spartacus 20:31 11 Nov 2008

The Omega Vista drivers are nearly a year old and based on the 169.25 Nvidia release. Does the Nvidia site have older drivers somewhere between that and the latest release you could try?

Also have you applied any patches that are available for each of the games.

It could also be an overheating issue. What sort of temperatures are you getting on the card?

  A_flea 21:29 11 Nov 2008

Nvidia archived Drivers are:
178.13 (Compatible with COD4)
178.24 (Current, compatible with Far Cry 2)

The card is running in temp range and performing very well in both games (not a hitch at highest settings)...

I suppose I could try the older ones, could take ages but if no-one has a similar problem (with a fix), I suppose that's the only option: trial and error...!

  A_flea 21:34 11 Nov 2008

Edit: my initial post was wrong. The game compatibility in the above post is right. Confused myself chopping and changing...

  [email protected] 22:04 11 Nov 2008

nvidia drivers seem to be all over the place (still) i was recommended click here xg drivers (under downloads) by nvidia forum 2 years ago, i have never used any others since. started on 8800 gtx, been used on 8800 ultra sli and now being used on 280gtx 3 way sli.
the ultras still faster 'cos they on xp. never had a problem vista or xp though, well worth a look.

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