Grainy Quality on Video - graphics problem?

  Vittrina 21:09 01 Feb 2013

Hi guys,

I recently brought a Samsung laptop with an i3 processor and HD R 4000 Graphics. The problem seems to be whenever I run anything that isn't youtube's hd quality, it seems to come up as looking rather grainy. I'm a complete newbie to windows 8; is there something I'm missing here? Some way I can upgrade the graphics or improve the quality? I have an NC110 netbook which has better quality video than my new laptop does (admittedly, it is 5" smaller than my new laptop)....

Any help would be much appreciated.

  aquatarkus 08:23 02 Feb 2013

What resolution is your laptop set to?

Some of the videos on YouTube can be really poor quality if not available in HD version's.

Your small NC110 will appear to have better quality as the screen is much smaller

  Vittrina 15:41 02 Feb 2013

Hi aquatarkus - the resolution on the laptop is set to 1366x768, which is the recommended resolution. I have tried lowering the resolution, but this seems to make no difference.

Totally understand! I just hope there's a way to fix/solve the issue of my laptop!

  aquatarkus 17:44 02 Feb 2013

Hi Vittrina

The other issue could be the quality of the actual LCD display.

What laptop have you purchased?

If your from the UK have you fried BBCi Player and compared video quality between HD and SD playback?

Regards Aquatarkus

  rdave13 18:50 02 Feb 2013

What OS and what player do you use? Do you use full screen or the native screen streamed? If you're playing a DVD, then what DVD software are you using? I don't think it's the resolution or the monitor's fault if YouTube HD plays OK.

  Vittrina 14:03 03 Feb 2013

Hi guys, Apologies for the lag in replying.

I've included a link to the laptop I've brought: so you guys can see the

Oddly enough, when trying to play from the BBC iPlayer, there is no hd option! Which is strange, as it shows well enough on my netbook.

rdave13, the os is Windows 8; the software I use is gom player, though I have tried both videoLAN player and the native player (whose name escapes me at the moment...) DVDS are played through VideoLAN player.

I generally use full screen, though I have tried the smaller native screens too, without too much difference.

  Vittrina 14:10 03 Feb 2013


Regarding the HD BBC iPlayer: Managed to find some HD content, I had to do a bit of a search for it!!!

HD: Less pixelisation, much clearer and smoother images SD: More pixelisation, some lines between images blurry; sometimes pixels are visable

  Vittrina 20:22 05 Feb 2013

Guys - still experiencing grainyness on videos played through either native player or downloaded player (range from gom player, vlc player, and CyberPower 12. Any advice from those more knowledgable on such issues more than I am, would be much helpful!

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