Google not opening fully from desktop

  martd7 13:50 08 Jul 2014

When i click the IE logo on my desktop my default search engine google opens up with about 2" of the desktop showing at the bottom of the page, not full screen

There was a thread about this sometime ago and none of the fixes i remember worked reliably for me,any help appreciated

Using Windows7 64bit and ie 11

  northumbria61 13:59 08 Jul 2014

Try pressing F11 key to open - then close using the red x at top right of screen.

Should open normally from now on.

  northumbria61 14:02 08 Jul 2014
  martd7 14:11 08 Jul 2014

F11 does nothing for me when pressed

Ill try reg edit as a last resort if no other advice works


  northumbria61 14:14 08 Jul 2014

F11 should give you a "drop down" menu with "zoom" etc.

  northumbria61 14:16 08 Jul 2014

F11 should give you a "drop down" menu with "zoom" etc.

  martd7 18:54 08 Jul 2014

Northumbria 61,i get nothing pressing f11,might be because its a Gaming keyboard or its faulty

Jock1E,I have done the maximise etc,think that was one of the tips from the other thread,works for a bit then starts again intermittently displaying a 2inch gap showing the desktop

Right click which icon? IE? just gives me a list of "frequent" and "tasks"

  tullie 20:11 08 Jul 2014

Just as a matter of interest,f11 doesent do anything foe me either,HP Pavilion,W8.1

  martd7 21:09 08 Jul 2014

Pressing f11 to open a window as suggested by Northumbria61 doesnt work for me but pressing f11 while an internet page is open hides the address bar

Also program files/iexplore,right click properties,shortcut? am lost

  martd7 23:41 08 Jul 2014

Woolwell have tried that previously with intermittent results

  martd7 13:52 09 Jul 2014

For now jock 1e solution is working,maximise window,close with red cross,reopen,but that tends to work for a while then goes back to being a window with 2" of desktop showing,all the advice other than reg edit ive tried previously

woolwell I followed your instructions and it works for now

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