Google Maps Roads Displayed As Dots/Blobs

  Alex at Langar 20:03 30 Aug 2014

I'm running Windows7 on a HP Pavilion desktop machine, and using Google Chrome web browser. For about a fortnight now, whenever I use Google maps the roads are not displayed properly. When the UK area requested is initially displayed, the roads are shown as lines, correctly as you would expect to see them. However, on zooming in, the lines break up into dots, blogs, splodges. This is consistent, no matter what the time, circumstances, other programs running, etc.

I very definitely HAVE got the latest version of Chrome - I updated it two days ago as part of trying to cure this problem. The problem existed with the previous version, it is still there, no change, no better, with the latest version.

My monitor is a the usual flat-screen type. There are no such display issues with it, on the desktop or within any other applications. The problem does not exist when viewing Google Maps using Firefox or Internet Explorer, only Chrome does it. But I much prefer Chrome . . . :-(

Next, I thought of uninstalling Chrome, downloading new copy. With no browser windows open, via Control Panel it tried to uninstall Chrome. Back came the message "Please close all open windows and try again." None open! Arrgggghhh.

Ok, humour the damn thing, do a Re-start from the Start menu.

Try again. "Please close all . . . " Blast it. So Shutdown completely, (from Start Menu). Leave computer off for something like 3 hours. Come back, switch on, before doing ANYTHING else, straight to Control Panel, uninstall programs, right-click Uninstall on Google Chrome. Message - "Please close . . . .".

So I can't even get rid of Chrome if I want to. I have no more ideas.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

  john bunyan 21:01 30 Aug 2014

I had a problem with Google Maps when trying Avira a/v pro where yellow manikin disappeared but resolved now. I use IE 11 now so can't help - hope someone has the answer. Incidentally my father took off from RAF Langar in 1943 whist a navigator in 207 Sqn. KIA on way back from Berlin. Is that the same Langar?

  Alex at Langar 21:23 30 Aug 2014

Hi John, Yup, that's the same Langar :-) There's a memorial stone to 207 Squadron up on the airfield. For your interest, my mother-in-law, now deceased, used to cycle from Nottingham to Langar to pack parachutes - maybe she packed your father's chute! She also worked as something of a mechanic there. One day she was working in a Lancaster when they were scrambled. The plane was already in the air when she made her presence known to the crew and they had to turn back and drop her off!

The airfield is still used by the British Parachute School. It's not so long ago that they had a world record attempt from there for the most number of simultaneous free-fall chutists.

I'm on the parish council here. This link to a section of our website might interest you: click here You'll see Nigel Wood mentioned there. He is superb on local history. You might like to email him about your father's time here.

PS - about the Maps problem!! I've had to change browsers - hope it's temporary!

  john bunyan 21:57 30 Aug 2014

Thanks Alex. I will follow up your suggestion - I have the relevant Operations Order. Hope someone solves the Chrome issue ; for some reason I prefer IE 11.

  john bunyan 21:57 30 Aug 2014

Thanks Alex. I will follow up your suggestion - I have the relevant Operations Order. Hope someone solves the Chrome issue ; for some reason I prefer IE 11.

  Alex at Langar 22:05 30 Aug 2014

My pleasure - hope it works out well for you.

  Woolwell 13:37 31 Aug 2014

Map view only?

  john bunyan 17:28 31 Aug 2014


This is a mystery. I have tried Google maps in IE 11 and Chrome, and they seem identical on my desktop with W7 Ult 64 bit. I hope a clever Chrome user finds the answer.

  Woolwell 17:37 31 Aug 2014

I used to have a problem with Google maps on Chrome but it cleared itself! It was not the same problem as the OP.

Is hardware acceleration selected?

  john bunyan 17:41 31 Aug 2014


Found this - worth a read.

Google forum

Seems to be a problem with 2 possible solutions - 1. Update video card driver. If that does not work,2. In Chrome settings, Hardware acceleration - disabled - but this may stop 3d view.

Hope the video card driver update solves it.

  john bunyan 17:52 31 Aug 2014

Not sure if you have this driver on your PC?


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