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google maps directions and locations help

  conrail 20:44 01 Apr 2019

using windows 10 home and google maps, when using google maps I put the location in and when selecting directions I used to have options, ie home or my current location, if elsewhere, now I have to imput my location postcode, how can I get back to the original options already available and selecting which one I want, all help and advice appreciated

  BRYNIT 16:53 02 Apr 2019

You need to be logged into your google account and connected to the internet for it to give you these options. If you are not logged in you will have to input your location/postcode each time.

  conrail 22:31 02 Apr 2019

thank you BRYNIT, I appreciate your help

  conrail 22:35 02 Apr 2019

hi BRYNIT, just checked, I am signed in and just checked My Locations and home and a couple of other saved places are there, they just don't show when I look for directions

  BRYNIT 12:44 03 Apr 2019

Just try google maps from work and had the same problem as you. I did find if I typed in home, home would be in a drop down list (mine had numbers next to it)clicking on this inputs the home address clicking on directions selects your location. Typing in the first part of the address you have save should show in the drop down list as well.

  conrail 16:24 03 Apr 2019

thanks BRYNIT but typing in home brings up home bargains and others but not home as in home address

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