google earth not responding

  conrail 16:09 11 Dec 2012

having recently had to format my hd and reinstall windows 7 64 bit sp1 I have downloaded google earth, the problem is that when I open google earth I get as far as 'loading my places, kml, including enabled overlay' after about one minute of nothing happening google earth gives the 'not responding message' I did not have any problems with a previous installation, I have a son in America who travels all over the country in his job and I used to view the locations he visited, it would be nice to do it again. please help and advise me, all help and advice appreciated.

  Nontek 16:55 11 Dec 2012

Could have been a dodgy download, I would download and install again without removing original installation.

If that does not work, do same again but this time fully uninstall old installation.

  conrail 17:12 11 Dec 2012

thanks Nontek but non of that worked, what I have found is this is links to previous versions and version 6.2 from 26 Jan 2012 has worked, unfortunately it tells e it cannot connect to the server to update

  conrail 20:30 11 Dec 2012

thanks dr yes, I have followed each step, I have the latest drivers, tried to open the program in Direct X mode but got same error message; tried to run in OpenGL mode but it tells me that my Nvidia display driver files from incompatible (different) versions of the driver have been detected. I have updated my drivers without success, maybe I should forget google earth, is there an alternative program?

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