Google Earth Installation Problem

  Pink_Panther2 20:32 08 Jan 2008

I think I've tried everywhere to solve this issue without success. Help please!

I recently tried to install Google Earth from the installation file Google_Earth_BZXV.exe. This was sourced from the Google Earth site.

After the install starts, I get the message from Windows Installer:

“This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer Package"

No subsequent update will install and I get the same error message.

My PC runs Vista Premium Home. I had no difficulty uninstalling the previous version of Google Earth

Interestingly, I can reinstall the older version, v4.0.4742 and it works fine. Does anyone have a clue what’s going on please?

  Coupon 20:49 08 Jan 2008

Have you tried right clicking the install file and choosing 'run as administrator'?

  Pink_Panther2 20:55 08 Jan 2008

Hi Coupon,

Yep! Tried that. Same result.

Thanks for your reply


  Jake_027 17:26 09 Jan 2008

Try the download from this link click here and see if it works any better. If not right click the Google_Earth_BZXV.exe file and there should be a tab called compatibility-try clicking the box that says run as "windows xp sp2" compatibility mode, although I've never has any problems running it natively under vista myself.

Hope this helps

  Jake_027 17:27 09 Jan 2008

And make sure you delete the .exe file you downloaded before (for the newest version), as it may not be being overwritten by being downloaded again.

  Pink_Panther2 18:09 09 Jan 2008

Hi Jake_027,

Thanks for your kind suggestion.

Unfortunately, I've already tried this, and have redownloaded the exe several times, and yes I've also tried deleting the previous exe(s). I've also tried subsequent exe releases with the same
failed results.

This is very frustrating!

Best regards,


  Jake_027 19:02 09 Jan 2008

Do you have ccleaner installed? If not download and install it from click here . To run it, once installed type in the start search box ccleaner but make sure you "run as administrator". On the right hand side click registry, and scan and fix any issues (making the backups at the prompt) until no more appear when you scan. I know when I've uninstalled google earth in the past its left >300 registry entries, if any of these is corrupt it could be stopping your installation.

  Pink_Panther2 20:07 09 Jan 2008

Hi Jake_027

Thanks once again, but yes I do have CCleaner installed, and have run as administrator. I've also separately removed all references to "Google" from the registry, without success. I've "Google searched" for solutions and even tried the "Google Esrth Help" group, without success.

Best regards,


  Jake_027 09:28 10 Jan 2008

click here Make sure you read all the instructions first though, and create a system restore point as well incase anything goes wrong.

  Pink_Panther2 15:46 10 Jan 2008

Hi Jake_027

Jake thanks for all your help with this issue. Much appreciated!

I will try this approach this evening when I return home from the office. I'll post back whether it is successful or not.

Best regards,


  Pink_Panther2 17:59 10 Jan 2008

Hi Jake_027

Tried this, but the dialogue box did not contain any references to Google or Google Earth. I did not continue as the program warned me that I might have to reinstall a large number of other programs that were referred to in the dialogue box.

Thanks once more for your continued help, but I suspect this will not be redolved easily.

Best regards,


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