Good media player recommendations please..

  Dumfy 01:23 29 Mar 2010

I really like Win 7 and am running the 64bit version. However, I'm not so impressed with Windows Media Player 12 that comes with it.

I prefer lossless music to MP3 et al and over time accumulated a good collection of music in FLAC format. Even with plug-ins, WMP12 makes it difficult to get accurate info for the library. 90% of the FLAC stuff I have comes up "unknown" and even trying to do the stuff manually doesn't always work. As ever, WMP is only happy with native MS stuff.

So what do you recommend to use as a good media player instead of WMP12? Internet radio and good library options would be nice as would including artwork etc. Ideally I'd like something that isn't resource intensive or invasive.

Would Winamp be a good choice?



  Dumfy 04:41 29 Mar 2010

Thanks Lazarus The 2nd

Are you saying that WMP 12 64 Bit Version is the best? If so, I probably didn't type my original query properly. I'm running Win 7 x64 so I assume that WMP12 is the 64 bit version too? It's this I'm having FLAC issues with.

I'll take a look at VLC and Winamp in more detail.

Any other good ones around?

As I've tried to keep my system as clean as possible as far as codecs are concerned, if I install something like Winamp, will it install it's own codecs and cause conflicts?

As I've done a clean install of Win 7, I've only loaded Shark's Codec Pack with the 64 bit update. This has been highly recommended on the web and has indeed proved so. Would hate Winamp to upset this.


  AL47 21:59 29 Mar 2010

songbird is what i use and with a theme it uses 160MB of ram and about 10% of my cpu [tho i dont worry about resources since my computer is an i7 and 6gb ram and i can play a game with it running]
its mozillas media player.

i have some flac music too

i also recomend [but dont use] foobar and winamp

  AL47 22:00 29 Mar 2010

i also hae win 7 64

  Zeppelyn 14:04 30 Mar 2010

Just to clear this point up, the default WMP12 in 64 bit Windows is actually the 32 bit version i.e. the one in the Program Files (x86) folder, if you want the 64 bit one then point your media files to the wmplayer.exe in the Program Files folder for Windows Media Player. Dont think it will make a difference to your question tho.

  Dumfy 23:16 30 Mar 2010

Thanks Zeppelyn

Since doing a new build and installing Win 7 x64 I've been using Shark's Codec Pack and it's been working well. There's a very good forum on his website and he answers a lot of queries himself.

From there I noticed now that I have two versions of WMP avaialble as you suggested. I've also been having issues getting WMP Library to recognise non Microsoft video files like MKV etc. Turns out I needed to rebuild my library and there's an option In Shark's Pack to do that.

Now all FLAC albums are there, but some still need to be manually updated. The videos too are visible. Now just need to work out how to make the video's icon appear as a thumbnail.

MS don't make things easy unless you use their own formats - but I would recommend Shark's Codec Pack and his website/forums for those that are interested.

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