Gmail error on new version

  martd7 10:51 16 Sep 2018

The newly updated Gmail is giving me this error on my pc,"oops we encountered an error 76794,retrying in 5s",and it just continues the countdown,5secs,10,20,30 and on,this happens regular,closing Gmail and reopening solves the problem

Anyone else ??

I'm running Win 7 and Chrome's latest browser 69

  MJS WARLORD 13:22 16 Sep 2018

it could be your main isp server that keeps going down , I am on bt and sometimes thunderbird email cant communicate with the bt/yahoo server , when this happens I cant even send a test email to myself, I don't why my bt/yahoo server and thunderbird don't want to communicate with each other , all I can tell you is the email I cant access through thunderbird are readable on the bt/hahoo server.

Don't get me wrong , thunderbird is a brilliant program , the problem I describe only happens every couple of months.

  martd7 13:58 16 Sep 2018

This has been since Gmail updated its overall look,new design,ive gone back to the old design because that works,it must have something to do with the update

  wee eddie 18:14 16 Sep 2018

I have not updated yet,but the threat is to update automatically in 2 weeks.

I shall hold off for as long as I can

  martd7 19:03 16 Sep 2018

Wee Eddie

I've reverted back however on screen was a message saying it would update in 2weeks,it is slower to load,but I do like the makeover,but no good with the error hopefully it's not only me but I've searched the net and can find no mention of the problem

  [DELETED] 20:48 16 Sep 2018

It's not just you martd7 others have the same problem click here . I've been fortunate with four Win 10 laptops and have been using the new version for a while with no issues. Some suggestions in the link.

  martd7 21:23 16 Sep 2018

RDave 13

Thanks,so im not the only one,maybe if i searched for error 102 i would have had results,instead i entered the exact number and it came up with nothing

None of the solutions have worked for me and its damn slow to open

  bean545 05:43 18 Jan 2019

Thanks for the information.

  bean545 05:46 18 Jan 2019

Many people are facing issue with email and maximum time the email issue is happening due to the server problem such as Gmail error 007 and to solve this issue you need to disable Email Signature from antivirus, use Disk Cleanup.

  wiganken2 09:22 18 Jan 2019

I am assuming that this thread is about accessing Gmail via the Gmail web page? If so then have you tried accessing Gmail via an email client instead? This avoids accessing the Gmail portal. I use Thunderbird and I find it brilliant with no problems sending or receiving my Gmail. As well as TB there are other email clients you can try.

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