Glitched-Multiple Single Leptop Screen

  Leptop Guy 23:44 01 Jan 2018

Today i opened my leptop,it worked well from 3PM to 7PM.But around 8PM,the screen leptop glitched when i was in an game.And something essential,when my leptop screen got glitched,for 1 second i saw an error message,it was something like that:The display failed,or something like that.I restarted...And i checked again.But now even the startup is glitched and i can't read that easy with a glitched screen.By the way,I have Windows 7.And the weirdest thing is that when is on the welcome screen,it shows me a glitched blue screen.What can i do ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 02 Jan 2018

Try connecting to an external monitor or TV and see if the picture on that is OK.

This will tell you whether its a graphics card /drivers problem or screen problem.

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