Ghost Icons on my desktop

  madmike 15:19 25 Apr 2014

Hi Last night when I started my computer, there were some Icons that appeared, they were named, Desktop.ini configuration,when I delved a little deeper I was finding them in my document folders. Also now when I open my Microsoft Office 97 Professional word documents the Icon ghosts another icon on my desktop, the name of these start with, ~s, followed with the document name, example: Hello, replaces as ~sello. When I close the document the ghost icon goes. This doesn`t happen with a blank doccument. I have run two Antivirus checks, but it`s still the same, Has anyone any ideas? Many Thanks Mike.

  northumbria61 15:34 25 Apr 2014

Take a look here Unwanted Desktop.ini Icons

  madmike 16:51 25 Apr 2014

Hi Thamks for that, got rid of Desktop.ini configuration Icon, but still gettinbg ghost icons from my Microsoft Office 97 Professional word documents, Any ideas on this?


  lotvic 13:17 26 Apr 2014

It is normal behaviour, the ~ indicates a temporary file. This article explains Ghost ~$ icons

  madmike 19:48 26 Apr 2014

Sorted, Many Thanks

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