Getting Word To Work In Win7

  jimforrest 16:42 19 Feb 2015

After my comp crashed I need to put MS Office back on it. I had previously used Office 2003 (I think) but I can't find the CD now. I do have Office 97 with an Office 2000 upgrade CD - but Win7 won't even look at it!

Have I got to fork out yet again for another Office CD or is there some way my earlier version can be run in Win7?

  rdave13 17:25 19 Feb 2015

Not ideal perhaps but you might be able to run it from the CD? enter link description here

  chub_tor 17:26 19 Feb 2015

If it is Officed 2003 Standard Edition and you have the valid product key then you should look at this post where you can download it.

  jimforrest 14:09 27 Feb 2015

Update - Office 2000 doesn't run on Win7 64 bit. So I bought a CD of Office 2003 off the 'net and that works just fine. Because the software is old now, it was very cheap!

I prefer the older version because I don't need 1.4 million templates, animated cursers, flashing borders, and all the other crap Microsoft have added to make it look different!

  robin_x 14:28 27 Feb 2015

You can get Office 2000 working (Outlook is pretty trashed though).

Switch to Mozilla Thunderbird perhaps for e-mail.

However the various fixes are hit and miss and take a fair bit of Googling and going round in circles.

Other (free) packages are available that work with W7.

click here

click here

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