getting rid of vpclog in Vista

  prukitten 11:35 09 Sep 2010

I have a Huawei E220 dongle, and have accumulated a large (4GB!) 'vpclog' file in my documents file. I have found instructions on how to stop this happeining on Windows XP, but how do I get rid of it and stop it reforming on Vista? can anyone advise me please?

  mooly 17:08 10 Sep 2010

No expert on this problem but see it crops up now and again.

Did the xp fix you refer to involve a registry edit ?

Does that fix not work on Vista.

  prukitten 17:38 11 Sep 2010

Thanks, Mooly
I expect I need to do something like that, but being no expert I can't follow the instuctions (click on Start then Run...), because when I click Start in Vista, there is no option called Run!
Where do I go from there?

  mooly 17:49 11 Sep 2010

That was good timing... just looked by chance.

In Vista you click the orb at bottom left and just type regedit and press enter.

The fix I have seen for your problem... and I don't know if it works or not is this. Having opened regedit,

expand the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER
expand the folder Software
expand the folder Vodafone
click on folder VCMLite
in the right handwindow double click on 'use_logging' (about 2/3 of the way down the list)
the Edit DWord Value window will open
Change the Value Data: setting from '1' to '0' and click OK
close the Registry Editor by clicking the top right red cross
go back into My documents folder and delete the Vpclog.txt file

Don't alter anything else... if you find any problems after doing this just repeat the process and change it back to a "1"

You should also read up on how to "back up the registry" which allows you to undo any changes if you got stuck etc.

Use Vistas own help and support... click the start orb, select " help and support" from the right hand menu and type Back up registry and press enter.
That will bring a list of help topics up.

Good luck, hope it works.

  prukitten 19:23 13 Sep 2010

Thanks, Mooly, that seems to have done the trick

  mooly 20:04 13 Sep 2010

That's great... pleased it seems to have worked.

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