Getting files off XP HD to Vista laptop

  southpaw 20:58 14 Nov 2007


My old laptop died (motherboard fault) so I purchased an external HD kit and put my old hard drive into that.

I now have a new laptop which has Vista.

I connect the HD via USB to the laptop and am able to see my files on the ext HD.

BUT each time I try and access the files I get a denied permission error message. How can I gain access to my files?

  paul€ 21:26 14 Nov 2007

I have been trying to do something similar for months. Even trying to take control of the files as an administrator fails to give me permission to copy some of the files.

I even setup a dual boot option to transfer the files to XP and then drag them from the partition. exactley the same. No go.

It's quicker for me now, to transfer the files to an XP machine, write them to disk or USB stick and then load them on to Vista.


  mgmcc 08:55 15 Nov 2007

You will need to "take ownership" of the files. See if this helps - click here

  paul€ 10:19 15 Nov 2007

I have tried all of those:-(
Even when I have taken ownership and it asks to re-open the document, an unsecure normal notepad file in this instance, it refuses. click here As it does this with quite a few files:-((

Is this the sort of thing thats happening to your files southpaw?

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