Genuine Win 7 thinks its not!

  MIke 18:34 27 May 2010

Hi all
Anyone else had this problem?
I bought a retail copy of Win 7 from Tesco Direct when they were taking Pre-orders so got it at the reduced price. All has been fine until recently. Twice I've booted my PC to be welcomed with a note that I may be the victim of counterfeiting, and my copy of windows is not genuine.

It is genuine and activated via internet when I first installed it (Clean install not upgrade).

If I re-boot all is OK.

The first time it happened I thought maybe I had a corrupt file of som,e sort that Windows checks on Boot to see if a genuine copy is installed.

Simply re-booting solved the issue andWindows has been behaving OK since, until a few days ago when the same thing happened. A re-boot anmd windows was happy that its OK. I even tried the genuine advantage test on the internet and my copy paseed OK as it should.

Anybody else had this issue?



  MIke 18:35 27 May 2010

Sorry about Typos! I'm in a rush as I got to got out soon !!

  Pineman100 18:17 28 May 2010

It might be best for you to call Microsoft's phone activation service.

Click Start, then in the search box type slui.exe 4

This should bring up a wizard that will lead you through the process.

  MIke 18:56 28 May 2010

I'll try that should the issue arise again. At the moment all is OK and Windows is reporting that it's activated.

  Number six 23:28 28 May 2010

Hi MIke. This happened to me about two weeks ago. At bootup I was confronted by a black screen with a message about non-genuine Windows. I was then prompted to install update KB971033 click here which I did and it has been fine since. I notice the update was published in February, don't know why it wasn't installed then!

  gengiscant 18:46 30 May 2010

I had a similar problem last week, a perfectly legit copy of 7 which has been actvated since November suddenly needed re-activating, which I then had to do over the phone. I have no idea why.

  kristain 07:50 31 May 2010

You have to contact with Microsoft Service Center.

  MIke 08:58 31 May 2010

Thanks Number six. Followed your link, and downloaded the update, but windows informed me it's already installed!

PC has been behaving OK just wonder how long before it tells me otherwise again?

Hai there

This could be a reason of a file being crashed in the Operating system amd also let me keep you informed about a tool which allows you to validate the Operating system product key and the cd that you have purchased please visit the link below to validate the windows 7 operating system.

click here

  MIke 16:12 03 Jun 2010

Hi pcs365.8

That's the site I visited to validate my copy, and of course it was OK. Not hadthe issue arise since posting so will now tick resolved.

Thanks all.

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