Gaming laptop suddenly lagging on every connection

  StgMike 03:47 24 Dec 2016

My friends laptop has suddenly become so "laggy" and slow that play online games is essentially impossible. His pc has 1500ms+ on every connection he has tried when up until two days ago it worked flawlessly. He suggests his Wifi adapter/card has become damaged or something to that effect. However, when hardwired to his modem or hardwired to my modem he has the same problem. We have different ISP's and live several miles apart. Any ideas? Thanks!

  StgMike 03:59 24 Dec 2016

My troubleshooting so far has been: 1. The problem persists when connected to wifi or plugged into a modem. 2. The problem persists when connected to different modems in different locations. So I am thinking it is a hardware issue I am just not sure where to go from here.

  Burn-it 15:00 24 Dec 2016

You have likely got a virus or some sort of malware. You need to run a virus scanner and a malware remover.

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