Games don`t work after my upgrade to Windows 10

  Ahmed Tauqir 11:03 01 Jun 2017

hello....I downloaded and installed a game from Windows store.I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10.After my upgrade,the games that were installed on my computer dosent work.The game which I downloaded and installed from store had to be repaired.When I tried to repair it,it says contact your computers administrator.I tried reinstalling the game but found out that the game couldn`t be reinstalled beacause the game is not there in my installed apps list.What should I do,please help...

  Kristeen Carter 19:28 01 Jun 2017


The reason behind games installed pre upgrade are not working is likely related to the compatibility of the games with Windows 10. In such scenario you need to install the "Get Windows 10" app. After installation please perform the below steps: 1. In the menu button click on Check your PC to get the details of the games not compatible with Windows 10. 2. After you identify the list of games not compatible with windows 10, try to download the upgraded versions from Windows store.In case it's not available try to uninstall the games using control panel option and install the same again from Windows store.

  lotvic 00:03 02 Jun 2017

Ahmed Tauqir, What is the name of the game you are having problems with?
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