Function buttons on peripherals not working

  George010400 17:16 11 Mar 2017

So just recently noticed that many of the function keys on my peripherals don't do anything anymore. On my gaming headphones I have volume up and down buttons, a mic mute button, and a speaker mute button. The volume and speaker mute buttons don't work anymore. On my keyboard I have a volume slider and mute button - these don't work. Also many function buttons on my keyboard involved Fn + F1,F2,F3 etc don't work. Finally one of the additional mouse buttons on my mouse doesn't work. I haven't installed anything new that could have modified these and nothing major has happened to my computer to my knowledge. Does anybody have any ideas?

TL;DR: my volume buttons don't work on my keyboard and headset and random keyboard shortcuts don't work either. Any ideas?

Apologies if I put this in the wrong help forum.



  George010400 17:17 11 Mar 2017

On Windows 10.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:59 11 Mar 2017

HAve you recently had a windows 10 update?

  George010400 20:09 11 Mar 2017


  rdave13 01:29 12 Mar 2017

Had to Google Urban dictionary to find out what the hell TL;DR meant.

Literally, "Too long; didn't read"

What a wasted add-on to the post when you already posted your problem.

As for the problem try a restart, not a shutdown, but a restart from the desktop.

See if that makes a difference.

If all works ok after a few restarts then consider disabling hibernation.

  George010400 09:08 12 Mar 2017

Am I not mistaken in thinking TL;DR is only used when the reader thinks the post is too long and wants a smaller version? Apologies for trying to save you time.

As for the problem, thankyou.

  rdave13 21:43 17 Mar 2017

George010400did my suggestion work?

TL;DR: ok?

  George010400 08:02 18 Mar 2017


  putorjuy 09:10 20 Mar 2017

Well, One thing is did you checked the device settings?

And the second thing is did you tried uninstall and resintall these device again? If the device manager can not help you, try to download from the official site. Obviously, some keys cannot working, but some keys can, maybe the driver only supports the basic function.

  George010400 09:40 20 Mar 2017

My apologies, I was hacking on counter strike like, and the script I was using disabled keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for the suggestions and the sarcastic remarks from rcuck13

  rdave13 10:16 20 Mar 2017

Your script might have changed the setting in services for Human Interface Device Service. Open Services and check that HIDS is set to manual in properties. In the 'extended' window, top left, try 'Restart the service' link.

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