Full screen YouTube conformation message from W8.1

  Phil Ocifer 14:21 10 Jan 2014

Since I accepted the upgrade to W8.1 I've been getting a yellow system box asking if I want to "Allow Once" full screen whenever I click the full screen maximizer button in YouTube.

I would like to get rid of this nuisance as it hasn't disappeared of its own accord, and it asks me to allow or deny once every time. Grrrrr....

I've been into options advanced but not sure which one will stop it.

Thanks fingers crossed Phil

  rdave13 15:06 10 Jan 2014

When you get the pop-up there should be a down arrow to the right. Click on that and select 'always allow for this site'.

  Phil Ocifer 22:03 10 Jan 2014

Doh !! Why didn't I see that. I don't think it's always there but I could be wrong. How embarrassing What a dummy. Thanks rdave13. Sometimes the most obvious things are outside the periphery. Cheers. Closed. Solved etc.

  rdave13 22:10 10 Jan 2014

Phil Ocifer , not embarrassing at all. Win 8.1 is only an upgrade of 7 with pretty pictures, and faster.

Thanks for the feedback.

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