Fresh install Win7 Ultimate 64bit problem

  dummytest97 03:51 14 May 2017

hi guys,,i new here in this forum, and if i doing wrong please tell me, i come here to ask for your help,alright straight to the point, i install new windows win 7 ultimate 64bit on my pc,as you know we need to format partition C 1st before we install the os,and thats what i do,after finish the pc run smoothly without any error,but after 5 days maybe 6 of usage the new windows i got error like this "firefox.exe is not a win32 application" most of the app i install in the pc that running smoothly before suddenly got this error,so i try install setup installer again,and it works but not for long,maybe in 30 minutes like that when i try open the app again that win32 application error come again..i like freaking crazy with this error trying to solve this i decided to install new windows again and same thing happen after 5 days usage of the windows,what could be the problem? i really need your help.. T_T

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:50 14 May 2017

What antivirus and malware scanners are you using?

error is often due to trojan or a corrupt firefox profile.

  dummytest97 12:02 14 May 2017

im use malwarebytes as my antivirus,nothing else,not just firefox got that error, others app got that error too..just now i try use system restore point to restore back before i got that works but not for long,, that error came back when i open firefox,how the firefox profile corrupt ? i use 64bit firefox same as the windows version,and since i install the new windows, i never mess with the system file,cause i not knowing much about it,what i know when the error occurs, i cant access internet option and about internet explorer in internet explorer app,and it makes my malwarebytes crash when i try open the app...IDM got the error too,,one by one start to get that error,what you suggest to fix my pc, what i can do for now just use restore point..hope you can help me..and i wil try use google chrome instead of firefox after the restore point..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 14 May 2017

Malwarebytes is not an antivirus. I you are using windows and the built in windows defender (not that good an AV in windows 7)?

Have a read here

  lotvic 13:15 14 May 2017

Fruit Bat /\0/\, just for info: The new version does include antivirus but would need to buy the Premium to get real time instead of Free version that you run manually. Thread on pca click here

  dummytest97 13:24 14 May 2017

that windows defender always on,i never touch it after install new window.. i try scan drive C with malwarebytes it detect 1 virus and the app is serverx and i dont know what this thing and it detect as virus.madang and the type file is registry value ,, could this thing is causing the issue?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:09 14 May 2017

Last time I was there, Madang was a province in Papua New Guinea :0)

Yes you have a virus click here

  dummytest97 17:20 20 May 2017

hi guys..i still have the problem...that win32 application still exist after 6 days of usage new fresh install win7 ultimate sp1...arrgghhh im really mad.. here the error---->click here

  Forum Editor 17:46 20 May 2017

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  dummytest97 13:55 21 May 2017

i already use that method as you told, and the result said the volume is clean..i scan the disk C with malwarebytes and detect serverx as virus madang so i remove it and wait for another 6 days to see if it still happen..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 21 May 2017

HAve you re scanned for virus?

how are you reinstalling? from an image?

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