freeview channels missing from media center after digital switchover

  SteevWatson 06:16 25 Jun 2011


My area (Midlothian) had the digital switchover recently. As a result we had to re-tune our freeview receivers. every one in the house picked up all channels no problem except media center. When it scans for channels it seems to find them no problem and they all show up in the guide but when i try to watch ITV, channel 4, channel 5, E4 and a few others i am told there is no signal or the channel is off air. This must be something to do with mediacenter because the channels are watchable in the software that came with my tuner card. has anyone else had a similar problem with he switchover and how was it resolved?



  SteevWatson 06:17 25 Jun 2011

Sorry I should have given more details about my system. I have a Compro Video Mate E900f and I'm using Win 7 X64 professional.



  gengiscant 14:54 03 Jul 2011

I also had trouble after the switch over, Freeview. How did I solve it .As I do not have the money for a new external aerial but I did have a another indoor aerial which works well with the 2 other TV's I have. I bought myself a long co-ax cable and ran it from the aerial which has to be at the back of the house for the best reception to the TC in the front and I now have plenty of channels.This is a review of the aerial.Aerial Best price,Ebay

  BRYNIT 20:27 03 Jul 2011

If you scanned for more channels it may have found the channels but not deleted the old ones. You could go into Settings/TV/Edit channels and see if you have duplicate channels listed that do not have a tick next to them.

The simplest solution may be to delete all channels and then do a clean scan.

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