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Free cloning software info please.

  registered 19:11 03 Aug 2019

Can someone advise me what free ,if possible ,cloning software that will clone my HDD to a SSD.I have a 1tb HDD and have now got a 2tb SSD to replace it.Also will the new SSD show the total capacity?I am using w10 operating system.

  john bunyan 21:06 03 Aug 2019

IMHO , Macrium Reflect is the best.

Macrium Reflect

It will clone or make images

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:32 04 Aug 2019

its probably best to use the SSD's manufacturer's own software to migrate your op system from the HDD to the SDD.

Although I agree Macrium is an excellant free tool which I use to make back up images to my HDD.

  registered 19:40 04 Aug 2019

Thanks for the replies.I have downloaded Macrium.Another question.I have connected my 2TB ssd in a caddy via usb.When i check in this pc it shows the drive but says it is 918GB not 2TB Why should this be?

  john bunyan 20:17 04 Aug 2019

I will leave FB to answer, but can you check the 2gig SSD on another PC. Was it a good brand name?

  john bunyan 20:23 04 Aug 2019

Look at Northern Diver in 2016 in this thread


  registered 20:06 10 Aug 2019

Apologies for the delay in replying.The SSD in question is a Kingston.JB i looked at the link you gave and have been having the same problems with updating from Dell.But after using minitool partition wizard i have cloned my HDD to my new SSD and it also shows the correct capacity.Just need to instal it in the computer and see if everything is ok.

  john bunyan 20:44 10 Aug 2019

Thanks for feedback. Hope it goes well.

  registered 19:43 16 Aug 2019

An update on my HDD to SSD clone. I have opened up my desktop (its still under warranty!)and had a look at the bay for installing my SSD. Dell do not make life easy for us.An adaptor for the SSD is required as expected to get the smaller SSD to fit.I already have one. But there are no holes in the Dell cage to fit it!I will have to drill a couple to secure it.Plugged in the new drive and it booted up no problem.But ran some checks to be on the safe side. sfc/scannow found some probs,chkdsk found some probs.Ran chkdsk/scan and it repaired the probs. The SSD seems to be ok and is as expected much faster to boot and load downloads etc.

  john bunyan 21:14 16 Aug 2019

Well done! Thanks for feedback

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