Formstting for 7

  mousee 16:53 14 Jun 2010

I've had a problem with my son's laptop running 7, I've tried to format it so I can do a fresh reinstall of 7, but it won't let me format anything at all on the machine, anyway around this please?

  gengiscant 18:49 14 Jun 2010

Have you gone into the bios and changed the boot order to cd first?
To get to the bios press delete or F8 which as with mine, that key takes me directly to the boot order selection.

  mousee 20:13 14 Jun 2010

Have tried that, I cannot even get into the bios, it looks like I'll have to find a kill disk program to wipe it all out.

  kristain 07:02 15 Jun 2010

Don't worry mousee you can get help from click here and hopefully you will get solution of their problem.
Good Luck!

  Pine Man 08:23 15 Jun 2010

..from kristain yet again!

  gengiscant 08:58 15 Jun 2010

Puzzled when you say cannot get into bios, could you let me know what make and model the laptop is?

  mousee 09:04 15 Jun 2010

It's an HP G6093.

  gengiscant 13:40 15 Jun 2010

Seemingly it is F1 to enter bios, have you tried that?

  mousee 13:48 15 Jun 2010

I've tried everything I know, I eventually admitted defeat and went to my local shop, between us it still took 2 hours to sort out, I'm back running now though, so thanks to all who assisted. Just installing the software now and trying to get my e-mail working again. Have just e-mailed Microsoft to get another link to down load the Ultimate again as it won't let me, but thats another story.



  gengiscant 13:56 15 Jun 2010

You give in to easily,I think you will find that you cannot download Microsoft's operating systems, well not legally anyway.
If you then, once you have got everything installed and everything running as you like it,clone your hard drive on to another. If it all goes wrong again it will be a simple process to repair. You would need to keep your personal stuff up to date.

  mousee 14:50 15 Jun 2010

All the software I have is kosher, I bought the "Ultimate" package some time ago from Digital River but as a down load not on disk. I'm going t get my some a small portable hard drive for his birthday next month, then he can look after his machine on his own, unless he needs input from me.



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