format hdd to install win 7 from linux

  rodders56 19:05 21 May 2015

Hi there need help i was using win 8 on a packard bell laptop it kept freezing/crashing so in desperation to get back online i tried to install linux mint along side win8 but managed to cock this up and ended up with just linux. i dont like/want win 8 so have not got win7 on cd with product key but it wont install it gets to the win7 screen with the windows logo in centre of screen then nothing happens. i have tried to format the hdd from linux cd using gparted but still cant load win7 i dont need anything on the drive saving can i start from scratch ie wipe the drive and install win 7 ? any help would be really appreciated and you may have gathered i'm not very clever in these matters thanks rodders56

  robin_x 23:43 21 May 2015

Can you get back to W8? With a DVD or USB Recovery Drive?

Then load Classic Shell Free.

click here

  robin_x 23:46 21 May 2015

May not be the answer you are looking for, but it's my recommendation. Forget W7. W10 will be out soon too and it's a free upgrade

  rodders56 17:09 22 May 2015

i have not got a win8 dvd i was not supplied with one , have no product key either, no sticker on back of laptop with it ?

  alanrwood 19:32 22 May 2015

If your laptop was supplied with Win 8 then either you were supplied with the disks or it is on a recovery partition, that is unless you have taken steps to delete it. Packard Bell are a reputable company so you will have one or the other with the above proviso That is also provided you bought it from a reputable source.

I would suggest you go back to where you purchased it and ask the question, Do I have a recovery partition or where are my disks/Sticker.

It is possible that installing Mint has ruined the link to your recovery partition.

Get hold of copy of a bootable partition Manager program and look and see what the situation is.

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