Fonts all Gobbledegook

  wotsitallabout 12:13 19 Jun 2014

Hello all, I get this on Ms Outlook (sometimes in Word). Absolute gobbledegook, which I can deal with by clicking reply and changing the Calibri font to Ariel.

I have Windows 8. What is happening and what do I do please. It's driving me mad.



  rdave13 13:35 19 Jun 2014

There's a section to Restore the initial default font style options for Outlook 2010 here , might give a clue.

  clarkkent 07:40 21 Jun 2014

Hi Max,

Follow the given path to make necessary changes in the font sytle option in Microsoft Outlook:

File >> Options >> Mail >> Compose Messages >> Stationery and Fonts >> Personal Stationery >> Font (tab)

In the “Font” tab, select the required size and style for the fonts in Outlook and enable it by clicking on “Ok” button.

Thanks Clark Kent

  wotsitallabout 15:13 26 Jun 2014

Thank you both of you, Fonts was already as I wanted it, so nothing working here. Strange that it is coming onto to msword files more often, mainly email, any other ideas please. Alan

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