Folders Hidden on external HDD are lost

  Manoj Talukdar 23:10 29 May 2018

So, I hid two of my folders on my external hdd using winmend folder hidden (version 2.4.0). Suddenly 2 days ago when I opened the winmend software , those two hidden folders were gone from the list(from where we can hide/unhide). But the funny thing is the space occupied by those two folders are still there on the hdd. And additionally I got two other folders on my hdd (one named $FILELOCK$ , another named Winmend~Folder~Hidden) . I searched winmend official website for help and I found this link related to my issue. And I followed the steps mentioned there and emailed them the details along with the strings. It's been 3 days and there is no reply from their end. Those files are very important for me. So, is there any alternate way to get those two folders back?? The link of official winmend help is here

Regards, manoj

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