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Folder view changes due to updates?

  martd7 15:59 21 Jul 2020

Strange problem

I open a Music Project folder on Drive D and have the view set at Details i can see when the projects been modified and the file type "File folder"

On opening one of these folders from earlier this year i can see name,date,type and size

Opening a more recent folder since March and choosing Details view i get name,title,album,contributing artists

Is this something to do with an update?

I am confused,difficult to explain

I suppose in simple terms if Folder view is set to details the contents headers are different in recent folders to earlier ones


  martd7 19:16 21 Jul 2020

I have uploaded Views of what i mean to Google Drive might make it easier to understand

click here

  Secret-Squirrel 16:15 22 Jul 2020

Mart, you can add or remove column headings simply by right-clicking on one then select the ones you want and deselect those you don't.

You can also resize and/or change the position of the columns by clicking and dragging.

Windows should remember your preferences every time you open the folder.

  martd7 09:44 23 Jul 2020

Secret Squirrel

Thank you i did not know that

Why though would the layout change? Is it a Windows update?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:48 24 Jul 2020

Why though would the layout change? Is it a Windows update?

It's possible although we'll never know for sure. The last big update broke both my email clients so perhaps you got off lightly ;)

Hopefully you'll be able to put the column headings back to how you want them and they'll stay like that forever.

  martd7 10:39 24 Jul 2020

So far they have

Thank you again

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