Folder Sharing

  BaboonBoy22 21:10 01 Jun 2008

Why is it when I select to share 1 folder, it shares the whole user folder i.e. everything.
I've tried to see if there's something obvious i'm missing but nothing. I am very new to vista and havent set up file sharing before.
I have my xp pc working fine, 1 folder i want to access and i can. Any clues?

  anskyber 21:35 01 Jun 2008

Have you done this? click here

  BaboonBoy22 21:57 01 Jun 2008

yea done all that. I'm sharing between the 2 machines fine, im just sharing too much on my vista one. I set 1 folder to share, and then when I look in the network folder it shows the user folder as being shared (which has everything in it)

  yplanet 08:44 08 Jun 2008

if you want to share folder the old fashion way (the way you share in windows xp)

follow instruction below

click here

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