Flight Simulator X

  flycatcher1 18:44 06 May 2010

I am a satisfied user of Win 7 Premium but-
I installed Microsoft Flt Sim 2004 with no problems, all works well.
I installed Microsoft Flt Sim X and all went well except that I now get a message saying that the Flt Sim in incompatible with some parts of Win 7 and the Graphics have revert to Win 7 Basic.

Any help would be appreciated by a frustrated oldie.

  Pine Man 08:33 07 May 2010

It did exactly the same with Vista and isn't a fault with the software. It's just adjusting the PC's graphics to suit itself.

  flycatcher1 10:42 07 May 2010

Thanks for response Pine Man.
It may be adjusting the graphics to suit itself but the results are rubbish and make the Flt Sim unuseable.
Both the products are Microsoft and they say that there is no problem with compatibility.
Could it be my Nvidia Ge Force8800GTS 64 card ?
Further idea welcome.

  Pine Man 11:15 07 May 2010

I wouldn't have thought it was a problem with your type of GFX card more likely the way it is set up but I'm no expert in these matters - sorry:-(

  Pine Man 11:18 07 May 2010

Just remembered there are some updates which can be downloaded from the Flight Sim web site. have you tried those?

  flycatcher1 19:03 07 May 2010

Thanks Pine Man

I will have a look

  flycatcher1 17:49 09 May 2010

Pine Man, thanks for the tip.
I have updated my Flt Sim but there was no improvement.
I then tried to change my Aero Desk Top View. I thought that it was in Basic but I changed the settings and then reverted to Basic.
Flt Sim now running perfectly.
Thanks for your interest.

  Pine Man 18:17 09 May 2010

Good to hear you managed to resolve your problems - happy flying:-))

  Jwbjnwolf 11:13 21 May 2010

what exactly is this game,
and where could i get it from?

  flycatcher1 12:49 21 May 2010

Hello Jwarn
Microsoft Flight Simulator X is readily available.
I got mine from Just Flight and I have seen it at Game.
Some people, sometimes me, think that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is nearly as good as X and,as it is fairly old, it is very cheap.
Plenty of Forums and addons available
and my pilot friends say that the flying is quite realistic.
I was rubbish when I failed a Pilot's Course in 1949 and my grandsons say that I am still rubbish but I still enjoy having a go!

  tigertop2 20:28 21 May 2010

Microsoft's Flight Sim is a great game and can really tax the grey matter if you get into serious flying like, say, a Boeing 747.

I believe the Forum Editor is a convert to it

I cannot understand why Microsoft disbanded tho software developement team some 2 years ago--but I have read that some of the team have got together to bring out a new version of their own. Can't wait.

It is even more interesting in 3D Vision which I now have.

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