First look at Win 8 con rev

  woody 19:07 01 Mar 2012

I have uninstalled win 8 con rev and reinstalled it. It now loads a lot faster.I suggest a clean install - not upgrade from developer - is the way to go. My keyboard is also now working ok. For those that like to personalise their PC i think win 8 will be harder to master. On the other hand those that simply install a program and then use it will find it easier.

  woody 11:26 02 Mar 2012

On my (old) test rig i get an experience score of 5.9 for Vista.With Win8CP i get 6.9. Starting win8cp to the opening screen (not desktop) is faster than vista and a bit faster than win7 but vista/win7 open at the desktop. To see how you would work with a touch screen note a couple of items you have to reach with a mouse/cursor and "pretend" to touch the screen.Instead of a small movement of the hand/wrist you have to move your complete arm and poss part of your body! Back to win8 - you have to remove the opening screen by swiping the picture away. Then you have the log in/password. Next you get the "metro" screen - a num of simple square icons - one for each app you want to keep ready to use.One of these is "desktop". Up to now i think these screens are a waste of time/effort. If you right click at this metro screen you open a small area at the bottom and in that area you have an icon "all apps".Click on this and you have a screen with (in my case) over 50 items/apps. I do like that bit. Click on the desktop icon and you finally get the area most of us are used to. You can remove win8 developer and/or win8 CP - BUT you have to load in a way that lets you remove it without harming your other programs.

  ams4127 19:19 02 Mar 2012

I've downloaded and burnt the ISO to disk. Just waiting for a convenient time to install on secondary partition to dual boot with Win7.

I've read some reviews today and most don't seem overly impressed.

  tigertop2 20:04 02 Mar 2012

I had some months of playing with the developer version

I am undecided on whether to go for the latest Beta. I just have a gut feeling that all is not well with this Windows 8 concept-- just a touch too smart for itself and Woody's post sort of adds to my concerns

MS cannot afford another Vista at this competitive time but they might just have spawned one

  Jwbjnwolf 09:23 03 Mar 2012

I love Metro. Find it so much more convenient to use than the desktop.

I think it is amazing how fast it boots on a netbook (being 1 1/4x faster and 2x as fast login)

I find metro so more convenient.

I find that the no longer start button is a lovely touch to the taskbar as it just was in the way anyway as I just have it tucked away up the top of the screen on auto hide.

I get what some say about the Metro that it is more for touchscreen but I think with just a few touchscreen multitouch gestures, people would love it (or at least mac lovers who have to use windows like me)

E.g: three finger swipe on the touchpad to reveal the start screen

I'd love windows to suddenly get spaces like mac so you can just swipe between your program's,

Then with the web browsers do what macs do with safari, swipe back and for pages.

On the start screen, on the word start, I feel it should be a button to go to other places like pictures folder, documents folder without the need of leaving Metro.

Without a button there for a drop down menu it just makes the start screen feel empty.

Why is the metro version of windows explorer hidden away? Its driving me nuts having to leave metro to use the desktop windows explorer.

I love Metro and already I would be happy to buy it of it was final release but I would prefer to Stay metro rather than seeing the desktop reminding me its windows other than those few things that are not metro apps.

Overall I think the win8 cp is a vast improvement over the dp, especially that you are able to name the groups.

Ok it has changed so much, but I love the change and I'm sure there are a lot of mac/iOS users that have to use windows also like the change but would agree with the idea of gestures and spaces.

As really the start screen is no more of a change than what the launchpad is on lion.

I hated the start menu and just love the start screen. I think it is much easier on the eye (well my eyes anyway) especially on a netbook.

And I love it to using it on my mac 27".

It's the best windows yet in my opinion and that is very good me thinking so seeing that win7 couldn't win me over from xp.

  woody 10:18 03 Mar 2012

Jwarn - i can see a metro touch screen is useful when you only have a very small screen and you are only moving a finger - have you tried it on a "real" pc? These days a "real" screen is often 24inch up wards - that requires a lot of arm movement - let us know if you find that tiring.

  Jwbjnwolf 10:22 03 Mar 2012

My mac perhaps? 27"! And I'm talking about multitouch gestures on the touchpad of my netbook and my apple magic mouse, not touch screen. I have never liked windows. But windows 8 metro I love.

  Jwbjnwolf 10:24 03 Mar 2012

Also I do find it a lot easier to use on my mac than any other windows. I often sit a distance from my mac screen and even with it near, I love everything in fullscreen.

  woody 18:18 03 Mar 2012

This debate seems to be going the way of other forums - those already with windows see metro as a pain on a pc - those with mac like the changes.

Perhaps I misunderstand but you mention full screen - windows has had full screen use for programs for years in fact more than that you can use programs over many screens or with larger screens more than one program open on each screen.

  Jwbjnwolf 18:48 03 Mar 2012

I know windows has for years. But with a lot of applications when you go into full screen they have less functionality. Well I mean it's harder to get to certain things.

I am not debating. I'm just saying what I like etc. Anyway I like stuff in full screen and with lion, in MY opinion has worked out to be the best way of full screen.

I can see that Metro is going to be hated by businesses depending on the business but for those that like it, well tough, we like it.

I once tested the dp on my mums dell connected to 40" now 46" tv and it looked AMAZING in my opinion.

I don't like the traditional taskbar/start menu, as I found it so annoying. But I love Metro.

So what if I was a mac user! If I wernt I would be mostly a Linux user like my mum.

Even though I like windows 8 and metro, no way is it ever going to be my main everyday os

  Jwbjnwolf 18:53 03 Mar 2012

Also I was not talking about the apps. I was talking about the start screen which is basically a full screen start menu. Was the traditional start menu full screen? No!

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