First Impressions

  crosstrainer 12:48 21 Jan 2009

Default desktop wallpaper in the Ultimate version is a Betta fish! (Siamese Fighter) Weird things:

The very old Dlink wireless card in the machine which would not work in Vista, works in 7 but the sound which did work in Vista won't!

Dual boot works fine, and not sure about sli yet, any ideas on a free antivirus AVG work ok?

  crosstrainer 13:18 21 Jan 2009

1) Boots very quickly

2) Like the way you can switch open tabs by hovering he mouse.

3) IE8 painfully slow on some sites.

4) Driver support appears to better than that for Vista (work that one out!)

5) About to tackle SLI (should be fun!)

Then I will try a game.

Oh, and I'd better provide my first impressions feedback to the folks in Redmond I guess.

  crosstrainer 14:28 21 Jan 2009

Restored, and BETA SLI driver seems to work as well, installed AVG 8 Free for now, seems to work ok. Not sure About IE 8, would use Firefox, but the BETA release notes insist on IE8 for testing purposes.

It's pretty fast on this machine, but the performance index is all over the place: CPU gets a measly 4.7, gaming graphics get 7 HDD gets 5.3 (not sure these are all that accurate as yet, because it's as least as fast as XP pro. Boot-up as promised is MUCH quicker than Vista so they seem to have got that one right, the bewildering amount of stuff in control panel regarding touch screens etc/ gives an indication of where they are planning to go with the O/S when it's released (personally I hate touch screens...grubby finger marks and constant cleaning) but on the whole seems to work pretty well for a BETA copy. Installation was very fast, updates also. Will plough on!

  Devil Fish 17:22 21 Jan 2009

should give a rough indication of what is and isn't working on the AV front

click here

  Forum Editor 17:25 21 Jan 2009

works perfectly in Windows 7.

  anskyber 19:17 21 Jan 2009

particularly the link I provided click here

  crosstrainer 05:50 22 Jan 2009

That explains why I get a 7.9 for graphics, and a low cpu score (just a dual core in the machine)

Older RAM as well, but having said that I stuck DOOM3 on it last night and that runs fine with the 1.1 wdm sli drivers (BETA also)

I think my quad core would achieve much higher scores, but I'm not putting on my everyday machine :))

  Chegs ®™ 09:42 22 Jan 2009

Just tried to install IE8 beta on Win 7 & got a message that IE8 isnt compatable with Win 7.I'll have another look on MS downloads site for a client of IE8 for Win 7 as I wasnt offered any versions but XP/Vista.

Took some hunting for HP drivers but found them & my Win 7 runs perfectly with no (!) in device manager.

  anskyber 10:43 22 Jan 2009

IE8 beta is the default browser already part of your download, check abut to confirm.

  anskyber 10:43 22 Jan 2009


  crosstrainer 11:26 22 Jan 2009

..Is required and included in the ISO installation file. If you are not using it, something has gone awry with the installation process.

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