First character entered when loggin-in after power-up is ignored, W8.1

  dave2207 10:03 08 Jul 2014

When I power-up my PC and log-in for the first time, the first keypress when I type my password is ignored. I have to type the first character of the password twice, as nothing appears in the password box when I press the first key. It makes no difference whether I click the mouse in the text-box or not. Subsequent log-ins are not affected by this problem. At first, I couldn't understand why my password was rejected at every first log-in of the day; it was only when I looked at the screen whilst typing (by accident, as I am not a touch-typist - I look at the keys when typing) that I noticed that the first keypress was being ignored. I have 64-bit Windows 8.1 Professional, with all updates installed; a USB keyboard and an Asus Z87-Pro motherboard. This is puzzling - does anybody else have this 'feature?'

  northumbria61 14:11 08 Jul 2014

Do you wait long enough for the computer to take the command? It may be that it is just not quite ready, a delay for some reason when it is cold.

  dave2207 06:55 09 Jul 2014

(1) It does not seem to matter whether I log-in immediately or after some time. I have tried a longer wait after the PC boots, but no difference.

(2) I am concerned about security, lest my computer be hacked or stolen, so I consider that having a password is essential. Also, I always log-in as an ordinary user (without admin rights) and have a different admin password. This makes it much more difficult for malicious software to affect the computer.

  northumbria61 07:21 09 Jul 2014

Not an answer to your problem Dave but similar thing here with LINUX (but no solution) LINUX

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