Firewall problem solved!

  Simsy 10:43 06 Nov 2009


I can't believe I'm the only one that had this problem... I found a solution online and so post a link to it here so other may benefit...

The problem;
I have been using ZoneAlarm free for a long time and had it configured to allow Network access between 3 PCs at home. I've now installed Win7 on laptop and ZA free doesn't work on Win7. So I wanted a firewall that does...

I installed PCTools Firewall plus, click here , on a recommendation from elsewhere, (can't remember where exactly!)

Having installed it, the XP pc's could see the Win7 machine, but not the other way round. It seems this is a common/significant issue.

However, I found the solution, eventually, on the PC tools forum. All now seems to be working!

I expect here may be others who find themselves in the same position, so here is the link;

click here

I hope this helps!



  john bunyan 19:18 06 Nov 2009

I use Comodo on XP and am switching to W7 shortly. Having read comments this forum, I was planning to use the "built in" W 7 Firewall, and MS Security Essentials as anti Virus. Have you considered the W7 firewall?

  Simsy 20:37 06 Nov 2009

when I discovered that ZoneAlarm free didn't work on Windows 7, I googled for free firewalls that did...

The first result I looked at was this; click here

It gave the built in one 4 stars, and both Comodo and PCtools 5 stars. The reason I went for the PCtools one is because the Comodo one is a combined Firewall/AV. I've been happy with avast AV and didn't want to change so I went with the PCTools.

Having said that, before I installed the PCtools firewall it was using the built in one by default. I had no problems... as far as I know!



  sonyboy 09:30 07 Nov 2009

Just a point to make firewall users aware of security issues in general.Most of the free firewalls will provide a measure of protection..Some interfaces are easier for users to come to grips with when it comes to setting "permissions " etc, and can soon be configured to be pretty effective!....However.....
One of the main issues with the Windows inbuilt firewall is , that whilst it offers quite reasonable "Inbound" protection......It does not do so well on "Outbound" requests! A lot of people overlook that your PC can "pass out" important security info to the web!
For a better understanding ...test your firewall here..This site has been around for years and is well respected for its testing capabilities...Go here
Click the "Shields Up" text ...and read on !

  john bunyan 15:44 07 Nov 2009

A very useful link - but now I'm more uncertain what to use! Maybe the free Comodo (as I am used to it) - just the firewall - and MS Security Essentials as anti virus?
Sonyboy also useful, I wish there was one outstanding winner here!

  g0nvs 21:40 07 Nov 2009

Comodo does have the option to install the firewall only. I have it installed on my PC. (Win 7)

  sonyboy 11:13 08 Nov 2009

I used to use Comodo for many years as my firewall of choice..I recently found out that although it does a reasonable job..It does have some failings and has not scored as well in many review tables as it used to.
Firewall permissions for both "ingoing " and outgoing " requests can be confusing for even those of us who are used to responding to "Allow/Block" requests !
This was my main reason for switching from Comodo ...even though I was totally happy and familiar with the interface..on close checking some of the "flags" that recent versions of Comodo flashed in the "Alert box" ..some were veru obscure and not easy to determine if they were a risk or not!

In my opinion..this reduces Comodo's efficiency by too great a margin for me to trust it as much as I used it got binned!
Like "simsy" says....I find PCTools Firewall really excellent...not at all difficult to configure..good interface ...and it passes all Shields Up tests and most passes the "Leak Tests" .This firewall along with the hardware firewall in my router has kept me totally protected!
Don't forget...even with a good firewall..your own "mouse clicks" can let you down if you make an error with your "permission" selection.
As I said before ...Windows7 inbuilt firewall is well integrated into Windows and is unobtrusive as it works..but it fails the "outgoing " side of the equation I'm afraid..You can go into Windowsw and set Outgoing rules..but there are loads of new users who won't understand how to set it up ! Give PCT a whirl...see what you think ?

  john bunyan 14:01 08 Nov 2009

Thanks again - I will download PC Tools firewall and have it ready to install when I switch to W7 in the next week or two.A very useful input for those of us yet to switch ; your homework is much appreciated.

  sonyboy 14:57 08 Nov 2009

Hope your Windows7 install goes well btw ..Any the email link if you need any deeper info on anything !

  john bunyan 18:43 08 Nov 2009

Will do, thanks. I am going to use PC Tools as Firewall, MS Security Essentials as primary anti Virus, and my usual Malawarebytes and SAS as malware stuff, and CCleaner as reg cleaner and its usual function. have ordered ATI 2010 and will install that instead of my existing v 11. This is an amalgamation of inputs from this forum, for which I thank all contributors.

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