Firefox print problem

  [email protected] 11:48 26 Apr 2010

I have just upgraded !!! from Bullguard to Micosoft Security Essentials. Since the upgrade I no longer get the option to print using a right click in Firefox on several sites, eg the PC Adviser home page and my internet banking site.
I do however get the option to print ok on these sites if I access them using IE.
I have re-installed Firefox but this has not fixed problem.
Anyone have any ideas ? ( Or is this a MS ploy to discourage use of Firefox )

I am using W7 64bit

  Pine Man 16:16 26 Apr 2010

I don't think this is anything to do with your security software.

I have Firefox and use McAfee security software and I do not get the option to print from a right click. I do get the option to print from a right click using IE8 though. In fact I get about 25 right click options with IE8 and about 10 with Firefox.

Until I read your thread I had never considered right clicking to print so cannot say whether or not Firefox has ever had that facility.

Looks like IE8 is better than Firefox in at least one aspect;-)

  [email protected] 16:50 26 Apr 2010

Pine Man - Thanks for your info, I now think I had a bit of a "senior moment" about this problem ie it never did work in Firefox.
Tabks again , will give it the green tick.

  gemdogie 14:09 01 May 2010

I run Firefox with Windows 7 o/s & have the right click for printing & print preview. No problem with that, but I do have the problem of small print when printing from a web page. This appears to be a problem on Firefox with no immediate answer !

  ashdav 23:18 09 May 2010

In Firefox click on View in the toolbar at the top.
Then Toolbars/Customize and drag the Print icon onto the toolbar.
Click on done.

  Sbrads 18:14 23 May 2010

Printing in Firefox has never worked 100% correctly, I don't think Mozilla see it as over-important. Printliminator can be useful for editing out junk before printing or just use IE. Chrome has problems sometimes as well.

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