firefox dialog box in win 7

  gigagiggles 06:57 29 Oct 2009

hello. tried the firefox forum. but for some reason, their safeguards would not accept my 5 digit entries. so here i am.

had problems with vista 64 connecting, so "had" to clean install win 7 pro 64. re-installed firefox 3.53 and transfered as much from previous profile as i could haphazardly do. as such, my bookmarks, cookies, exceptions, add-ons all seem to work. BUT, the dialog box looked weird. after updating to firefox 3.54, i settled in to do some steady web-surfing. the dialog box became more irksome.

when i right-click to save a web page, a dialog box opens. with vista, the box has the same theme as the browser (walnut). it was a simple fairly small elongated rectangular box with a few dialog buttons and entry boxes.

with win 7, the firefox dialog box is windows based. it has the whole complement of drives, navigations and menus to choose from. in essence, the dialog box is an explorer window. i tried to shrink it down to a manageable size, but still it takes up real estate that i have to traverse from dialog button to dialog box and back. that's not the part that is irksome! it's the noticeable short flash display of the dialog box in its pre-shrunk original size to the shrunk size.

so, did i forget to tick or untick some firefox or add-on setting? i did take the option of not having the internet explorer as an enabled windows component. windows 7 updates are current with ie8 updates greyed out.

  gigagiggles 07:48 29 Oct 2009

found a pink elephant.

i HAD changed the default downloads folder. the "problem" is the downloads are going to the default downloads folder from the vista/firefox install. so the haphazard is biting back.

i'll probably create a new profile and be more careful transfering and see if this will fix it.

  gigagiggles 17:38 29 Oct 2009

saw what i wanted to see regards dialog box theme. used it for so long in that config i had forgotten i had shrunk the dialog box from a explorer window to its small size vista.

the noticeable flash seems to have been fixed.

clean firefox re-install fixed the download folder location.

left unresolved until the next operating system: the larger than life magnificent 7 shrunken dialog box with all its empty useless real estate i will have to travel across.

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