fine tuning mozilla thunderbird after re-install

  mrgrumpy 19:11 20 Sep 2019

I re-installed thunderbird on widows 10 after an update for it made odd things happen. The new install is working but i cant remember how to do certain things.

  1. when thunderbird opens it shows a page THUNDERBIRD MAIL LOCAL FOLDER and below the banner there are a list of options , it shows this just before the main interface , is it possible to stop this from being shown.

  2. I don't have the events and tasks panel activated but an oblong box opens and closes where it would be ???

  3. As you know their is a horizontal line across the screen that some people task pain , I don't want to see all the technical data that comes with an email so I dragged the line to the bottom of the screen but when i open thunderbird a list if incoming emails comes in a separate box next to the taskbar and almost fills the screen because it also shows the technical data that I have tried to hide , before i re-installed the program it did not show this data but again I cant remember how to stop it showing. I did try F8 but it did not seem to do anything.

  AroundAgain 19:59 20 Sep 2019

Hi G O M

I'm not 100% sure what you are seeing 'THUNDERBIRD MAIL LOCAL FOLDER' but you can stop 'Welcome to Thunderbird' showing in the message pane by going to Tools > Options > General and untick the first bit, at the top, 'When Thunderbird starts ... '

If you can't see 'File - Edit - View etc' the press Alt to temporarily turn Menu Bar on, or right click at the very top of the window and click on 'Menu Bar' to have it showing permanently.

Events and Tasks can be turned on/off by clicking on 'Today Pane' at the bottom right of the window. Alternatively, you can click on the burger icon, upper right, and Events/Task pane is showing on my Tb window

If I'm understanding you correctly, you can adjust how much of the 'headers' you see by View > Headers > and click on 'Normal' or 'Compact'. I believe there is/are Addons regarding Headers if these controls are not what you wanted.

Also, if you click on the icon to the extreme right of Correspondents/Subject/Date etc, and click on Customise, you can move, remove, add various buttons.

Hope you find this to be of some help

  mrgrumpy 18:08 21 Sep 2019

Thanks around again just what i wanted , you know what its like you use something for so long that when it goes pear shaped you forget what to do

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