finalize to disc

  Keith Farman 08:13 30 Jun 2014

I downloaded a dvd burning programe EXPRESS BURN it took over 2 hrs to burn it will play on my pc but will not go on my other dvd players, there was nothing to say finalize the disc am i doing something wrong ? as i say it wrote to disc . thank you

  alanrwood 08:39 30 Jun 2014

EXPRESS BURN, it doesn't sound to have been well named. Try using CDBurnerXP. It's free and is much faster than what you have quoted. Despite the name it is Win 7 compatible and does cope with DVDs.

Why not try finalising the disk. Any burned disk will only play in the original device unless it is finalised. Maybe there is a separate "Finalise" function in the menu.

It is also not uncommon for disks burned on a computer not to play in DVD Players. What did you actually burn. Did you just burn an avi or mp4 9or similar) to the disk. In which case your DVD player is possibly not capable of playing computer formats (It costs the manufacturer a royalty fee for each format it can play). Did you burn it as a movie DVD?

  martd7 10:12 30 Jun 2014

This is a continuation of your other thread,as explained if you don't convert the mp4 file then burn it to dvd its highly unlikely it will play in your dvd player

click here

  Keith Farman 12:09 30 Jun 2014

IT say on them BLUERAY * 264 YIFY

  alanrwood 12:34 30 Jun 2014


Please make up your mind. Is it a DVD or a Blueray.

Please also stick to one thread. I*t is very frustrating to answer on one thread and then find it has already been answered on another started by the same person.

Please post all the details on the other thread which has more responses.

  Keith Farman 15:28 30 Jun 2014

i am telling you what it say on my file , i do not understand all this pc jargon just have a bit of patience with us old ones

  martd7 16:25 30 Jun 2014

Your other file was an mp4 this one is a h264 bluray file,same advice applies the file needs converting to .vob or your dvd player cannot read it

Download "freemake" converter it will convert n burn the disc to play in your dvd player

  martd7 16:29 30 Jun 2014

Freemake here

click here

  Keith Farman 18:39 30 Jun 2014

Thank you , but will it finalize it so i can play it ?

  martd7 18:52 30 Jun 2014

Yes if you burn as dvd the disc is closed "finalised"

  lotvic 19:14 30 Jun 2014

As Far as I know Freemake automatically finalizes the DVD. Freemake youtube howto tutorial ClickHere YouTube

using the freemake program that mart7 mentions, here are the instructions ClickHere

1.Install and run free Freemake Video Converter: Add MP4 videos you want to convert to DVD using "+Video" button.

2.Choose "to DVD": Click "to DVD" button and choose your DVD drive. Use the default settings or set manually the necessary aspect ratio, title, menu type and video system.

3.Convert MP4 to DVD: Insert a blank DVD disc and click "Convert" to start converting to DVD.

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