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Files missing from File History.

  KeithMH 12:36 30 Oct 2016

Having backed up using File History in Windows 10, I have found that some files are not present in the backup. The ones I've become aware of are all *.jpg, but there may well be others. Has anyone else come across this problem? Does anyone have a solution?

  lotvic 13:47 30 Oct 2016

Have a look under More Options click here for article

By default, Windows 10's File History will back up all the folders in your User folder. To add other folders to File History, or to remove some, click on More options under the on/off slider and scroll down to "Back up these folders."

  KeithMH 13:52 30 Oct 2016

The folders that should contain the '*.jpg' files are backed up. So are the other contents, as far as I can see. It seems to be just the picture files that are not there.

  lotvic 15:43 30 Oct 2016

seems that might be a 'bug' with it - not reliable. Others with same click here and also was in W8 click here

More reliable to create some dated folders on an external drive and copy and paste your files and folders.

  KeithMH 23:28 30 Oct 2016

I've gone back to the old backup and restore system.

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