Files Disappearing After Cut and Paste

  AH561 20:16 29 Nov 2015

I have an Elgato Game Capture HD, and some external hard drives to save all of the videos i record.

Sometimes, when i am doing a "cut and paste", some video files can't be found and that's it, they just disappear. This happens with every "cut and paste" i do into my hard drives.

But something important to note is that when i first started making this "transfers" (about 1 year ago), i had about 100GB of free space in my local hard drive, and now i have 50GB remaining (after transfering the files); and i couldn't add 50GB of files over the last year since i barely use my computer for other stuff. This makes me think that the lost files are hidden somewhere in my local hard drive.

What should i do? Do you recommend any program?

(Sorry if i didn't detail my problem as much but you can ask for more details if you want)

Thanks :)

  wee eddie 21:48 29 Nov 2015

If you are moving them around the same Drive. Why not Drag & Drop. Or even Copy & Paste, then delete the original when you know where its gone to.

  AH561 01:51 30 Nov 2015

I meant to say that i move the files from my PC to a external hard drive, but the disappearing files seem to accumulate somewhere in my PC

  BT 08:10 30 Nov 2015

Surely if you CUT and paste, the original WILL disappear, That's how CUT works.

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