Feature Update to Windows 10

  wescliff 22:59 12 Apr 2017

Just noticed this is downloading (version 1703) Just wondered, is this another way of installing the Creators Upgrade, just by seemingly adding features rather than a full install. Daft time of day to start though. I will have to switch off pick it up tomorrow Grateful for any advice

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:04 12 Apr 2017

There is no such hing as a full install anymore - it is what it says the Creators update

  wescliff 23:20 12 Apr 2017

Thank you, didn't know that. Can't be bothered at this hour though. Have switched off and will resume download tomorrow.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:22 12 Apr 2017

Ok to switch off while downloading but

do not switch off while installing as its likely to crash the system.

  alanrwood 09:39 13 Apr 2017

Yes you can do a clean install of the whole Windows 10. Just download the appropriate iso file, burn to a CD or pen drive and boot from whichever you used. You do get the option to clean install. Just done it.

  wescliff 12:06 13 Apr 2017

This is a two month old installation of Win 10 so don't really need a clean option. Continuing downloading now. Been going 90 mins and on 54%. Thanks for the help

  wescliff 16:16 13 Apr 2017

OK, after five hours it's done. All appears ok now. Monitor profile was lost so I had to recalibrate, and Control Panel has disappeared from Start Menu. Probably want us to use Settings now. But it's not difficult to find and is now pinned to Taskbar. There is also an annoying new tab on IE11 which encourages opening of Edge. Not me.

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