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Feature update issues on desktop

  john bunyan 15:36 17 Jun 2020

I have a Dell laptop and a Novatech desktop, both quite well specified and up to date using Defender a/v and MBAM Premium. Both were offered the new feature update today for W10. The laptop updated ok. The desktop went through the motions but hung at 77% on final installation- I left it alone but it then reverted to original. Later , as a precaution, I’ll make an image then try again. I debate running the installer troubleshooter. It is a puzzle why one worked and the other did not. Any views?

  x13 16:33 17 Jun 2020

Quite a few issues with version 2004 so I would pause the update for a while on the desktop then try again later.

click here.

  john bunyan 17:23 17 Jun 2020


Thanks ; will do . Just curious why it didn’t work on one PC. I’ll check that the laptop works ok with MS Office etc before deleting windows.old

  x13 18:15 17 Jun 2020

On the laptop check the trim settings. On mine if I trim manually then on the next boot it shows as 'never run'. Looks like a bug so I've set it to manual and will just run it once a month manually until it's fixed.

  MPN1A 18:33 17 Jun 2020

Don't forget to check System Restore. I've just installed 2004 on two computers. SR was disabled on one but was OK on the other. Both installations hung at 74% for over an hour.

  john bunyan 19:06 17 Jun 2020

Thanks both; I do run trim in the SSD OS drive occasionally; also I will check System restore is enabled. I’ll still run a Macrium Reflect image before re trying the feature update

  john bunyan 10:33 18 Jun 2020

The update installed OK on the desktop this morning. Will monitor features such as Office before removing windows.old

Thaks for suggestions.

  john bunyan 11:17 18 Jun 2020

The windows.old folder is 28.5 gig. My SSD for OS and programmes is 250 gig and only has 80 in use even with the old folder, but those with a smaller C drive may need to keep an eye on it. My 1TB data drive has only 70 gig in use for pictures , music etc! I suspect those needing huge data drives must store a lot of videos, films etc?

  Nellieistensen 11:24 18 Jun 2020

I have had the same problem but still don't have a way to fix it

  polymath 15:29 01 Aug 2020

Just butting in to thank x13 for the link to a resource I didn't know about. I haven't read through it all yet but have already found it very helpful.

For instance, the Known Issues list (saying what with). And I now know that when, after a total of about 2 hours' use of my nice new laptop, Microsoft selected it for a forced abrupt non-use - sorry - smooth Windows update experience, it was because of its OEM version being older than 1903 (it is/was 1809, which I also now know was the October 2018 update). Though it was near end of use according to the run-up to the update, I didn't know how near, but now know that it won't get its final security update till November (so still safe to use for a bit, I presume, if I find a way to). The history of Windows 10 Updates is clearly laid out there, too.

If The Kestrel sees this, thank you for the tip somewhere that Windows Updates can be paused for 7 days; maybe some breathing space in which to fix my problem (if it's possible in my case that is!)

Said case is I think too individual for suggestions to be any easy task (as with all we unlucky ones it seems, with no apparent pattern emerging yet). And I probably now just need to think through the options. But if anyone's interested (and in desperate need of a short story), it's described here. click here any fellow sufferers looking for their solution I'd recommend a recent Microsoft Community topic I stumbled on. It's worth reading all the way through for the users' postings of fixes they worked out. The cases range in severity from slight slowing of the system, to things like losing years' worth of photos when the update interrupted a backup, despite updates being set to manual. (News re fixes from Microsoft may also appear there). click here


  polymath 15:38 01 Aug 2020

After the 1st link, please read (new paragraph) 'For any fellow sufferers.....'. (Hard to get right from phone, can't see a way to edit!).

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