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  pk46 15:24 29 Oct 2013

Having a problem with Internet explorer with favourites after install there on the favourites bar then they disappear after reboot but are there on the desktop menu a file scan says some files are missing inserting the media disk will solve this so what media is this it was downloaded from the Microsoft site.!!!

  chub_tor 17:58 30 Oct 2013

Are you talking about the Favourites bar that is on the bottom of the screen when you are using the Internet Explorer App of the Metro Screen or the Favourites that normally appear to the left of the desktop version of Internet Explorer?

  pk46 17:50 31 Oct 2013

Yes I am talking about the favourites bar IE FOR WIMDOWS 8. The desktop menu is fine.

  chub_tor 18:17 31 Oct 2013

So when you open IE at the bottom of the screen do you see the Address Bar and the symbols for Refresh, Tabs, Favourites and Page Tools or do you just see a narrow black strip with three white dots? If the latter you need to click on the dots to open up the Address Bar and then click on the star symbol to see your favourites.

  pk46 17:34 01 Nov 2013

I see these but clicking refresh does nothing,clicking on the star all I get is you have added no sites!! I have just done a full reinstall yet again on boot up all the favourites are there on W8 start up screen and on desktop this is the 6th time i have reinstalled but yet again my favourites have again disappeared I see the favourites for about 1 second if I click on the star.

  chub_tor 19:48 01 Nov 2013

This explains how to import favourites maybe you could do it that way. You might have to first use the desktop version of I.E. to bookmark.htm in the My Documents folder as suggested by the dropdown text.

  pk46 22:24 01 Nov 2013

Many thanks for your response.

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