Faulty Windows 8 PC

  MK-Nige 18:53 21 Dec 2012

Have I stumbled across a flaw in windows 8? I have just purchased an Acer desktop PC which as soon as I started going through the set up process was showing early signs of ‘not being right’ it was slow and time consuming to set up and then it wanted to link to my windows live account. Which I did. However the inbuilt Wi-Fi card (and Wi-Fi itself I guess) kept dropping out, and on some programs would say that I need to connect to the internet, whilst others running at the same time were showing full and good strength signal. But it did keep dropping out as could be seen by the ‘unavailable’ icon in the start tray. Other issues with the PC meant that I had no option but to return it. And here is the flaw.. the technician at the place of purchase wanted to access the PC to check all was ok or not, but needed the password to do so. Yes, he needs my Live account password. I was not happy handing this over, but was told that the only way this could be resolved was to do so. Is this right? Is the only way a another person can gain access to a windows 8 PC is by using the Live account? I have had several heated discussions with the supplier, who in my opinion are not being very helpful, and only told me that they needed the Live account password 24 hours after I submitted the set up one. The situation now is, I am still waiting to hear, and this is now 8 days after reporting the fault. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age of online security I have to offer my details in such a way, just to enable someone to confirm the issues I have experienced. Windows must have some system in place to over ride this.. surely, otherwise who is going to want to ever return a faulty PC again.

  Forum Editor 00:34 22 Dec 2012

Your supplier will need your user account password before they are able to access your computer, but I can't see why any other passwords are necessary.

From what you've said it sounds as if something went wrong when you were in the setup process - a new computer will have an OEM version of Windows 8 which will have been tested as working in the factory. All the necessary hardware drivers will be on the machine, and the wireless network adapter should function perfectly.

  MK-Nige 10:13 22 Dec 2012

I really appreciate the responses so far, thank you. The reason for my initial question and concern, was that during the set up process, I was asked to ‘name’ the desk top and assign a password. It was a few moments later that I was asked if I had a live account, wish I have and added it and its password. It seems that once I had signed in with my Live account, that took over the control and access of the PC. As I also have a Windows phone which is synced to my Facebook, emails and other apps, I am very reluctant to offer that password to anyone, including the suppliers technicians. I would have thought that to gain access to check all devices pre-installed be it the OME platform or any drivers, windows so have recognised the need for a secondary means of checking the system, even by doing so in safe mode. If I had known that the Live account was going to be the only means of access when it was sent away, I would have deleted the account from that machine beforehand. Changing the password from my phone, would lock up the PC again, so the password for any windows 8 based is effectively stored in the ‘cloud’ and not actually on the PC. Previous versions of windows would have allowed me to assign a password to protect my email and other applications separately from the PC itself, but I guess having the PC for less than 24 hours before it was sent back did not allow me time to figure out any other method of protecting my details. Maybe I am being overly cautious not wanting everyone to have access to my details, but as I am self employed and rely on the PC for work (AutoCAD user) the importance of a fully protected PC is paramount. That would appear not to be the case with my limited experience so far.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:00 22 Dec 2012

" Yes, he needs my Live account password. I was not happy handing this over, but was told that the only way this could be resolved was to do so. Is this right?"

"....I am very reluctant to offer that password to anyone, including the suppliers technicians."

Nige, I know it's too late now as you've already handed over the machine but you could have switched to what's known as a "local account" prior to parting with the PC. Here's how. After getting the PC back you could then revert back to your Microsoft Account by following the instructions here.

  MK-Nige 10:02 23 Dec 2012

Thanks once again for the comments. I will take note of these replies once (and if!!) I ever get my PC back. I am starting to doubt that Windows 8 is for me right now, but knowing that if I ever do manage to complete the installation process, there are ways to safe guard my information should I ever have to 'send it away' again. I guess not being able to actually explore W8 fully is a disappointment, but not having a fully functioning PC is even more of a downer! Finally, Happy Christmas all, and thanks again!

  MK-Nige 12:40 24 Dec 2012

I have just spoken to the Customer Services desk of the supplier, who have informed me that their fully qualified technicians have been unable to find any fault with the PC, and that it is working fine. I mentioned that I was unsure about their findings, as it did not work under the conditions I intend it to. When told I could have my money back if I wished, less postage and get this, 10% for all the scratches that are now on the casing! I would like to know what they are! I have asked for both the test report and images of these scratches to be sent, before I make my mind up as what to do next. I may have to put this down to experience and move on. Not a happy bunny right now.

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