Fancy that

  Ozy 17:35 11 Aug 2009

I have done something with Windows 7 that I found impossible to do with windows 98,
Windows XP, and Windows Vista.
I took the hard disk out of the computer that I installed on, I put it in a different computer,
That had different makers mainboard, different makers graphics, and different Processor’
If I did that with 98, XP, or Vista, they would not even bootup.
Windows 7 did, and I could use it normally.
As this was only an experiment, I have put it back in the original computer

  GaT7 17:47 11 Aug 2009

I have had good very good experience of this even using XP with the same socket boards.

Out of interest, what motherboards (make & model numbers) were you using in each when you did the hard drive swap? G

  Ozy 12:49 12 Aug 2009

from km2m ms6738 Ver 1
to Via tech km266-8235

both have km in the name so i think they are
the same make.

yes i know they are very old boards,
but i would not mess about with newer ones

  GaT7 12:58 12 Aug 2009

Both are socket-A motherboards.

'but i would not mess about with newer ones' - well, I have, & they work too :-), G

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