failure configuring windows updates (Stuck in loop

  Harry S 19:47 24 May 2017

Hi. I've had this problem for about a week now, my laptop is stuck in a loop after configuring updates (granted it was alot of updates) upon restarting the laptop after the updates where completed I was stuck on this screen. "Failure configuring windows updates Undoing changes Don't turn off your computer" it has been stuck like that for days now. I thought I could just leave it to do its thing but it's taking far to long and I kinda need my laptop for uni.

For the sake of being through its a old Samsung laptop (not sure the specific model) around five years old now, but not too slow. It's running on Windows 8 (as far as I can tell it's just 8 not 8.1) if that helps and the screen won't let me do anything, like at all I can move the mouse and change volume and brightness.

I've tried manually restarting and booting into safe mode via f8 and shift+f8 and esc and ctrl alt delete, etc. I also don't have a windows 8 recovery disk (like I said the laptop is five years old at least) so I can't backup using that and I don't even know if the disk drive still works.

I hope anyone can help I'm getting kinda desperate now if my only option is booting off of a disk then I'll need to go pick one up and pray to God the disk drive still works.

Thanks for reading this long message.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:26 24 May 2017

make a win 19 iso on usb and boot from that

click here

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