Failure configuring Windows Updates. Reverting changes.

  Farleyjim 12:45 19 Nov 2012

This is the first time this has happened to me.(Windows 7 Home Premium). I have been onto the Microsoft support page and followed various "cures" all to no avail. I have been into control panel and gone through the windows troubleshooting advice and it tells me that it has found and fixed problems with my Windows update and installed 9 updates. When I click to restart I get the same failure message at startup.It seems to recycle the startup procedure 3 times before it eventually gets to my desktop page, and when I look ar my update history there is a long list of failed installations. Any ideas, please?

  xania 13:51 19 Nov 2012

This is similar to a universal problem in Windows 7 a couple of months ago. It may well be that a single update is causing the problems so its best to allow only one at a time. If all the others go through, you will be able to identify which update is causing problems and we can take matters from there.

  xania 13:52 19 Nov 2012
  Farleyjim 09:18 21 Nov 2012

I managed to get by with installing one update at a time(pretty tedious) and this way I was able to see which update caused the problem(KB2685811). Still not sure why I had a problem in the first place, but at least I can start normally now. Thanks for all the replies.

  xania 11:31 21 Nov 2012

Please can you tick this as resolved.

  Farleyjim 08:30 24 Nov 2012

I think I spoke too soon! This problem has come back to haunt me. KB2685811 still tries to install despite me crossing it off the list in Control Panel/Windows update. I seem to be going round in circles. Is there any way I can tell Windows to ignore this update?

  lotvic 00:32 26 Nov 2012

You may wish to keep an eye on for when a solution is found.

  Farleyjim 10:22 26 Nov 2012

Thanks everyone. Lotvic, I did look at that page and the only comfort I get is that so many others are having the same problem with nobody being able to resolve it. I am only moderately computer savvy, but I hesistate to start playing around without properly understanding what I am doing. I hate to think what will happen if it occurs on my wife's laptop! I cannot believe that so many people should have the same problem without a solution being found.

  lotvic 23:31 15 Jan 2013

MrDigital01 it has nothing to do with the Internet connection or network settings, and there is no good reason to drag up an old thread from 2 months ago.

  Farleyjim 10:53 16 Jan 2013

Since I first posted, I have tried numerous suggestions, all without success. My "solution" was to elect to install the updates manually leaving out the offending one (KB2685811). Not very satisfactory but it seems the only way that I can get Windows to start normally.

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