Failing hard drive, admin user disappeared

  ni7tro 20:44 16 Oct 2015


I dropped my laptop yesterday and got the message saying the hard drive was failing and to backup documents. I tried but the computer completely froze.

I took the hard drive out of the laptop and plugged it into a USB adapter which I plugged into my other computer.

The C and D drives from the laptop appeared as E and F drives in 'This PC'.

I went into the E drive > Users and could get straight into Public and another user but could not get into the Admin user (it said I don't have permission to access the folder) I clicked continue and nothing happened, the green loading bar just moved slowly along and nothing happened.

After watching videos online I tried changing ownership of the folder this morning to no success.

Since then, when I plug the hard drive back in via USB, I keep getting the message that there is an issue with the drive and to scan and fix it. I do this which takes about 15 to 20 mins but following this the admin user doesn't even appear in the E > Users folder, only Guest and the other user folder.

The admin folder has all of my important docs in it and just wanted to know if there is any way of recovering these docs and why the admin folder has disappeared all of a sudden?

Many Thanks,


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